Bee, hornet, and wasp stings.

A bee sting is when a bee, hornet, or wasp generally speaking, lands on skin, pushing its stinger into the dermis causing a painful stinging sensation… and it hurts! Most of the time when bees sting it is in defense. For some people or animals a bee sting causes a different reaction then a wasp sting, and this is because they have different forms of venom. Most of the time bee and wasp stings are not serious except for that they can be uncomfortable for a few hours with the stinging and itching.

There are lots of remedies out there to take away the pain or help it subside for this. The only real danger in bee stings and is an issue when one is allergic to the insect. A dangerous reaction may happen when someone has never been stung before or if they have never had any type of allergy testing and don’t know about their allergy and what do in this scenario. An allergic reaction to a bee sting can cause what’s called anaphylaxis and it’s potentially deadly. Anyone experiencing an allergic reaction is susceptible to anaphylaxis whether the allergy is from a bee sting, food allergy, or medication allergy.

As for animals, it is smart to talk to the pet’s veterinarian about if they have sensitive skin or if there is suspicion of  allergies. Most dog groomers, one we know in particular at told us that most groomers are pretty knowledgeable in the case of stings as they see tick bites, and stings on a regular basis, and know which dogs breeds are known to have more allergies.  Lots of dogs, particularly over other animals get stung in the mouth because they explore their surrounding by licking and eating things that they shouldn’t!

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Welcome to my Stinger-IT blog

Stinger IT Main Image WaspEveryone this is my new blog I am a database manager for a large software company, and while it’s challenging work with long hours, I’m never bored. I get paid well and am grateful to have a job.

But this blog will not be so much about my work with computers, but more about my hobby when I’m out of work; the study of stinging insects and animals. I’m fascinated by when they attack, what affect the sting has on animals and humans.

So I would like to start with an overview of stinging insects in this post, and in subsequent posts I will discuss the individual ones in detail. If you want some real good detail about the different types of stings check out this page by the Mayo Clinic.

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